Monday, July 23, 2012

Beginning again....

A lot has changed since I started this blog. I have had a baby girl in October 2011 and have lost all of my fitness. I am going to once again turn to kettlebell training and bootcamp style training to get back to where I was before. I Love this type of workout. My challenge is consistency and making the time for me.

I am hoping by posting the workouts, it will motivate me to stay accountable once again. I have three friends who are looking to start working out with me in my yard in the evenings hopefully 2-3 times a week. I Love having workout buddies because I never want to let other people down so if I know I have to meet someone I know I won't miss it.

I am also going to sign up for a baby/parent bootcamp style with my old kettlebell trainer Julie Mac. I'm looking forward to this because I can bring my daughter with me .

Stay tuned . First kettlebell workout is slated for tomorrow. If it rains I will do a workout on my own in my basement. This is a NO EXCUSE time for me. I have 3 months before returning to work after maternity leave and I want to feel good and confident and get back to feeling like myself. I want to be healthy, fit and strong and a great role model for my baby girl.

I will also start blogging about my dietary changes as well. I am making serious changes and I can't wait to get started!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here it is 2011 - Need to Re-Commit

Here it is 2011 Jan 2nd to be exact. I realized that I haven't posted since September. Which is really the last time I was committed to my workout. I have no idea how it happened, how I fell off of the workout wagon. I was sick for a whole month and before that I was really into HOT YOGA which I plan to get back into. I am recommitting to Kettlebells next week . I'm going to try out a new spot at Bells Taekwondo. It's only $56/week for 3x/week and a free week trial so I'm going to try it out . It's close to home and I know I will be able to make it with 630pm start times. also one class is on Saturday which will be awesome. Stay tuned. My plans are to get back into great shape before having a baby which is another exciting thing for me in 2011 if all goes well.

I plan to keep this blog more up to date with my workouts if not for anyone else reading, for myself . To keep accountable for me workouts, and for my progress to a healthier, happier , more fit Me.

Cheers to a wonderful 2011 !

Friday, September 24, 2010

Who needs Java when you've got Kettlebells??......okay maybe I still need my Java.

Today I don't start work until a little bit later in the morning so I decided why not get it out of the way since I can see into the future and know myself pretty well that if I don't get home until 830pm, chances of a workout are slim and chances of a cold beer and a plop on the sofa are more likely.

So while I was drinking my cup of Joe (yes I needed it this morning), surfing the net creating yet another Forever 21 wishlist and multitasking (aka blackberry messaging my friend Mary)...time was slipping by. I am a huuuge procrastinator by nature but thankfully I have a great friend who knows what I need and she said "go workout now, you'll feel better when you're done". So like the good girl I am, I listened to her . I went into my back room where all 3 of my kettlebells are staring at me out in the open, I purposely don't hide them away so that I always see them. I decided to do another 5 Tabata workout and changed it up just a bit . She was right ! I do feel great, I feel awesome, knowing I can go to work and come home and not have to do a workout. (Unless I want to throw in some more swings for cardio) .... but that is now my choice.
Here is my workout for today:

(**see previous posts for links to info on Tabatas)
Tabata 1- Swings 30lbs
Tabata 2- Snatches alternating-20lbs
Tabata 3-Deep squats/lunges 20lbs
Tabata 4-Around to Stalls/Swings20lbs/ 25lbs
Tabata 5-floor tricep dips/leg drops
finished off with 30 calf raises.

So there it is. I'm refreshed for the day. time for a protein shake.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I heart Tabatas !!!

If ever I don't feel like working out all I have to do is throw some tabata workouts together and I get excited. (for info on what a tabata is check here )

Tonight I was tired after a long day at work but I didn't want to break my stride so I turned to a trusty tabata workout. It looked like this :

Tabata 1: Swings 30lb
Tabata 2: Snatches 20lb
Tabata 3: Around to stall/squats 25lb
Tabata 4: Swings/Lunges 30lbs/ bodyweight
Tabata 5: Pushups (on knees)/Leg drops (see here for example the papertowel roll,though that is a good idea  )

I felt GREAT ! after this workout. I was sweaty, my heart rate was up. I felt like I'd accomplished not only a good attempt at a workout but actually had a successful workout . It's amazing how following through with a plan can boost your mood. I know if I'd decided not to do it, which I easily could have , I could have chosen to put on my comfy clothes and plopped onto the couch and turned on the tube to watch my recorded tv shows. BUT , instead, I decided to get my workout clothes on as soon as I got home, and got right to it. Nothing to get me distracted. I give myself an A+ for my efforts and maybe even a gold star. What... You know how good it felt to get a gold star in school, don't judge me. If we don't reward ourselves, who will?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Gotta get into the groove....

Been a whole week since I worked out !!! Fewf! Here's my workout for tonight. Headache and all....

50swings 30lbs
20 deadlifts 30lbs
50swings 30lbs
20 deadlifts 30lbs
50swings 30lbs
20 deadlifts 30lbs
25 swings 30lbs
3 turkish getups per side 20lbs
5 windmills per side 20lbs
Ab wheel appx 30 roll outs

Feeling good but had to stop because of the stupid headache. I'll try to do another workout tomorrow. Throw in some other stuff ..presses, back rows, lunges and squats, with some swings of course !!!With Fall here and Winter just around the corner, I can't let the damp cold dark evenings get in the way of my motivation. I have to get into the groove now before I slack off too much and fall back into a rut. Tonight is the first of a good string of workouts coming my way. I'm back on track baby!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nothin's gonna break my stride.....another good one!

So today I decided to get out my Lauren Brooks DVD that I purchased a while back but haven't had time to do since I'd been taking classes and getting my butt kicked by Julie. So today I wanted to think a little less about what I should do for exercises and just do a good workout. I pulled out the The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning DVD Volume 2 and did the joint mobility warmup (very important before any kettlebell workout) and then chose THE GRINDER . a 20 minute workout. It was great ! just what I needed and didn't take too long. It consisted of the following:

The Turkish Getup (3per side) I used my 20lb kb
Diamond kettlebell pushups (I did on my knees instead) x 5
Dbl handed swings (30 seconds) I used my 25lb kb
rest 30 seconds and repeat above
Moving onto 
Windmills (appx 5 per side) I used my 20lb kb
Single leg deadlifts (10 per side) I used my 25 first set and 20lb second) LOVE THESE ! 
One arm Rows (10 per side I think) I used 25 first set and 20lb second) 
Squat to tricep extension (10 I think? ) I used my 20lb kb . 
rest for 30 seconds and repeat. then complete.

A great quick workout. and let me tell ya I was sweating ! 
I also made a little purchase last night at Walmart it's called an ab wheel. It was only $8 and it seems to be a good tool. I'll keep you posted on my results and opinion once I've used it a bit.  
Photo below:

Lauren Brooks has great workouts and I highly recommend them . Visit her at or read her blog at

Lots of great info ! 
Ciao for now
Get Healthy and don't quit ! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A week off feels like starting over. ugh. never again.

It's been a week since I've done any workouts and boy did it show. It's been far too hot to workout . It really was too hot. Some may think that is an excuse but I was really disappointed not to be able to fit in a workout.If I had air conditioning, I would have done it.  This morning I decided I'd pick up my 30 lb kettlebell and go for it. I managed to do a bit but wow did my heart and stamina ever feel how long it's been. I was winded and tired and had lack of energy. I did however stay up until 1:30am last night and was up at 7:00am this morning, and hadn't eaten breakfast yet. That could also be part of the lack of energy.

I managed to pull this off to get my spark back :

50 swings (30lb)
rest 30 seconds
50 swings (30lb)
rest 30 seconds
50 swings (30lbs)
rest 30 seconds
10 presses each side (25lbs)
rest 30 seconds
30 deadlifts (30lbs)
rest 30 seconds
25 swings (30lbs)
rest 30 seconds
30 deadlifts (30lbs)

pooped. ~ protein shake followed this workout. frozen strawberries. one scoop vanilla protein and water.